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Why Quality Sleep is Vital for Your Health?

Why Quality Sleep is Vital for Your Health?

Good sleep is a substantial component of good health. In fact, it is equally important as healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the trend of an unhealthy lifestyle has led to lack of adequate sleep and unhealthy sleep patterns. Following are a few important facts on why is sleep important.

  • Poor Sleep = Weight gain:

    As per a research, those who sleep for a shorter span or have a disturbed sleep pattern tend to significantly put on more weight compared to those who with normal sleep. It is now a known fact that a short sleep or disturbed sleep pattern is the major risk factor for obesity. Those who get a good quality sleep tend to consume lesser calories.
  • Good Sleep makes one more active:

    Sufficient amount of sleep is known to significantly improve a person’s accuracy, speed, and productivity.
  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke:

    We know that sleep deficit can have a major effect on many risk factors. Less than 7-8 hours daily has been linked with an increased risk of ailments like heart disease and stroke.
  • Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Adverse Changes in Glucose Metabolism:

    Lack of sleep has been linked to bad effects on our blood sugar. Deprivation of sleep can lead to a pre-diabetic condition in healthy people.
  • Quality Sleep Improves Immunity:

    Sleep deprivation even though for a shorter span can impair our body’s immune function. As per a research report, people deprived of sleep are at a risk of health issues like seasonal changes, viral infection, colds, etc. This might improve just by a daily good night sleep/rest for 8 hours.
  • Good Sleep Improves Focus/Concentration:

    Sleep is very important for the normal functioning of the brain. Our brain plays a huge role in functions like alertness, concentration, cognition, and performance. When an individual is deprived of sleep, all these functions are negatively and abruptly affected. An adequate sleep can help enhance a person’s memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Poor Sleep Is Linked to Mental Health:

    When one does not get enough sleep and rest or is suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, obstructive sleep apnoea; in the long run they can be at the risk of mental health problems like depression.
  • Not enough sleep adversely affects the emotional/social Interactions:

    Sleep loss drastically affects our social interaction ability. A research study revealed that people with a derived sleep had a decreased ability to recognize emotional expressions like anger and happiness. Also, chronic sleep deprivation relates to decreased ability to tap important cue socially and to process emotions.

So, please do take enough care that you take optimum sleep for a good health. The 3 pillars of good health are healthy eating habits, daily exercise, and a quality sleep. Along with this we also need to ensure, if the risks that comes sleep deprivation like heart ailments, diabetes, stroke, etc. are diagnosed at the right time. Hence, a regular health checkup is also equally important for a healthy and long life. To know more about regular health checkup & its benefits.

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