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How to Cut Down Calories - Snack Attack

How to Cut Down Calories - Snack Attack

With each passing day, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health. They are now taking a conscious effort for maintaining a healthy weight and also working on a weight loss regimen. Some easy tips to lose weight are as follows:

  • A healthy lifestyle has to be followed a long-term intake of healthy food and exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight.
  • One should go for a full-body checkup regularly to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and obesity.
  • Sometimes, all it takes is to be aware of conditions that can deter your health. Obesity is one of the conditions that can be a result of overeating and a prolonged unhealthy diet. Just by reading on obesity awareness will not result in weight loss. The key to a natural weight loss is to keep the weight loss diet simple!

Now let's focus on The Snack Attack Plan. Here are smarter choices for healthy snacking:

The Snack Attack Plan

  • Remember to Snack Slowly

    Just like meals. Remember, it usually requires 20 minutes for the brain to register that you are full.
  • Quantify the Snacks

    Snacks should be consumed approximately 150-200 calories. This will give and preserve just enough energy till the next meal. One can eat a whole-wheat toast along with a single slice of low fat cheese or a cup of vegetable or minestrone soup.
  • Whole Grain Snacks

    It has been proven that consuming whole grain foods have lowest incidence of diabetes. Including whole grains in a diet increases the insulin efficiency which is believed to control weight gain.
  • Eat Your Veggies

    Indulge in fresh, raw veggies with a light yoghurt or olive oil or ranch dressing. The veggies can also be alternatively eaten with peanut butter or cottage cheese. Addition of the salad greens with baby carrots, zucchini, bell peppers or green beans is a healthy salad option too.
  • Slow Energy Release Snacks

    Some foods even when consumed in a large quantity do not trigger the excess increase in the blood sugar levels. Foods like meat, fish, avocados, vegetables salads, cheese, and eggs are an alternative to the unhealthy snacking.
  • Nuts

    Serve to be a perfectly healthy snack. It is the same concept, higher the fat content in the nuts longer it will take to digest.
    Following are some nuts which we can include for the snacks:

    Nutty Snacks


    Hazelnuts and Almonds Lowest in the saturated fats
    Macadamia and Hazelnuts Have high monounsaturated fat content
    Pistachios and Macadamia nuts Rich in high fiber (approx. 3 gm/ounce)
    Walnuts high content of omega-3 fatty acids (good fats)
  • Yogurt

    It in itself is a great healthy snack. We have ready options of light fruit yogurt which is low in fat and also with artificial sweeteners. We can add some grounded flaxseed or fresh fruits to the yogurt too.
  • 100% Fruit is 0% of anything else

    Eats fruits like cherries, pears, apples, plums, peaches, mango, kiwi, citrus fruits, berries, etc. when you have the hunger pangs. Also fruits are an ideal option, when you are travelling as they have sufficient carbohydrates and fiber too. One can also add cottage cheese, yogurt, milk or any cereal with fruits to make a complete healthy option.
  • Include the High Fiber (Soluble) Foods

    They make you feel full for a longer duration. We can include some veggies like cabbage, green peas, beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, asparagus, beans, soya beans, or oats, to make grilled tikkas or patties.

When you take a highly nutritional diet it is more filling even if you consume it in a lower quantity. In case you want to know more about diets for weight loss or want to get more information about Full Body Checkup.

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