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How Master Health Checkup Helps to Improve Your Health

How Master Health Checkup Helps to Improve Your Health

A master health checkup is an extensive health screening executed to identify the occurrence of any ailment at an early stage. Since, there is a drastic increase in lifestyle diseases globally; people have become extra health conscious. A master health checkup plan is an excellent way to stay upbeat with your health. While periodic full body checkups can help diagnose a problem, a master checkup is perfect option to analyze complete health status.

Benefits of Master Health Checkup

There are various benefits of availing a master health checkup:

  • It is useful to detect and recognize diseases or their early warning signs. With an early diagnosis a prompt and accurate treatment that is more effective, less invasive, and budgeted to the pocket can offered.
  • With a periodic checkup, it is possible to get a detailed update of your health status with different parameters, like blood sugar levels, cholesterol, body weight, and blood pressure.
  • A master health checkup helps you identify, the distinct health risks, and then one’s health expert can advise lifestyle and dietary measures to counter such ill effects.

Master Health Checkup - Your Role

If you chose to go for a master health checkup, then your major responsibility is to ensure that you are appropriately informed and prepared for these health checkups. Different entities offer different packages inclusive of some important tests to get a clear overview of one’s health status.

A few factors which determine the type of health checkup package needed are as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Current health status
  • Personal History
  • Family History
  • Other contributing factors like: lifestyle addictions, etc.

Important Tests in Master Health Checkup:

Just by the name we can understand that this is a comprehensive medical health checkup. A complete master health checkup includes the most advanced and comprehensive tests. These tests can be classified under the following list is an example of what all is included in the master health:

Objective of the Test

Tests Included

Tests specific for Vital Organs Chest X-ray, ECG, Echo-cardiography, Advanced Cardiac Tests , lung function tests, liver function tests, kidney function tests, thyroid function tests, Fracture Risk Indicator, Ultra sonographies, Ophthalmology, Screening of Neck Vessels, etc.
Tests specific used to detect fatal diseases Pap smear test, PSA test, Blood Sugar tests, Lipid Profile, infection markers: Haemogram, Urine (Routine & Micro), Australia Antigen (for Hepatitis B),

As you can see for yourself this is an extensive list which can help in the early detection of serious conditions.

Tips to decide on the most appropriate master health checkup package:

  • You must consult your general physician and offer him with details of your family history to confirm the tests ideal for you.
  • Look for a package that offers tests actually needed by your body. Disclose all important details about your personal and family’s medical history.
  • Check your previous medical records to find out the due date for any screenings or due vaccinations.

A range of master health checkup packages are available. One should be smart enough to choose the most reliable service provider and select a package which caters the health needs. Your search ends here, because, Indus Health Plus, the preventive health specialist have designed the most comprehensive health check-ups just enough to suit all your requirements.

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